Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Review

Headsets have become popular again, especially with the growth of mobile devices’ screens, as they have more multimedia elements. There are basically 3 different types of earplugs which are an important accessory: in-ear, on-ear, and fully inserted into the ear. There are also wired and wireless options for each genre.I have reviewed Anker Soundcore Spcece… Continue reading Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Review

This summer report card gifts from Monster Notebook

Turkey’s gaming computer brand Monster Notebook started a discount campaign to delight all students during the summer holiday, which started with the closure of schools. Monster’s high-performance laptop gaming models will be available at advantageous prices with the campaign to continue throughout June.For those who dream of playing games for a long period of time… Continue reading This summer report card gifts from Monster Notebook

The Chinese and Apple

The world of technology has been talking about the tension between Google-based technology giant Google and China-based Huawei for some time. After Google’s decision, many more technology giants have blacklisted Huawei.There was a lot of speculation about what this could mean for iPhones. Although Apple’s smartphones are currently manufactured in China by Foxconn, this may… Continue reading The Chinese and Apple

Use secure connection

With the acceleration of digital transformation, many services and processes for both corporate and end users have been managed with web applications. From banking to education, from health to transportation, many processes go through web applications. Ensuring the security of these applications, which has become a critical component of modern life, has been one of… Continue reading Use secure connection